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FUE Sapphire Hair Transplant2022-05-25T16:04:19+00:00

Project Description

What is FUE sapphire hair transplant?

In the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) sapphire technique, the microchannels in which the hair follicles (grafts) will be placed are opened using sapphire tips, which are a highly valuable mineral, not metal. Sapphire inserts are more smooth and allow you to open small channels. This prevents both crustings and ensures that there are no visible traces left after the procedure.   In hair transplantation performed using the FUE sapphire technique, the process of removing hair follicles (grafts) is the same as the DHI technique. In the final stage, hair follicles (grafts ) are inserted into the microchannels that are opened and planted.

The procedure takes an average of 7-8 hours

What are the stages of the FUE Sapphire Technique?

  1. At the first consultation, your hair condition is carefully evaluated. You will be informed about what techniques to use, how to operate, and what results are expected.
  2. The density and amount of hair that a person need is determined by examining it.
  3. With the FUE sapphire technique, the procedure begins with local anesthesia to the donor area, the area between the two ears on the back and sides of the head,
  4. Then it continues with the removal of the follicular units one by one along with the surrounding microscopic tissue using the latest technological tools. 
  5. Microchannels are opened by using hairless tips in the balding area where the hair follicles (grafts) will be transplanted.
  6. Transplantation is completed by placing hair follicles (grafts) in the opened channels.

First Wash: The first hair washing is performed by us on the day after transplantation, and we will tell you in detail and show you how to wash your hair.

You need to do the subsequent washing every other day for 10 days, as described to you. When the 10th day is over, we will do scab washing.

What are the Advantages of the FUE Sapphire Technique?

Sapphire inserts used in the FUE sapphire technique allow us to get much healthier and more aesthetic results than metal inserts used to this day.

Thanks to sapphire inserts, which allow us to open smaller microchannels, the healing time is shortened and there is almost no crusting.

The fact that microchannels the size of a hair follicle can be opened with sapphire tips allows you to open more channels in the area where the transplant will be performed.

Because hair follicle-sized channels can be opened, hair follicles (grafts) can be placed in the channels at the most natural angle. This allows us to get a fairly natural look.

Another important advantage of this technique is the rapid healing of tissues after application since the channels opened are very small.

The process takes less time than other methods.

On the first day after the procedure, patients can return to social life.

Are there any traces of hair transplantation with the FUE sapphire technique?2022-05-18T23:37:58+00:00

Thanks to sapphire inserts, which allow us to open smaller microchannels, the healing time is shortened and there is almost no crusting and no visible scars remain.

Who can have hair transplantation with the FUE Sapphire technique?2022-05-18T23:37:23+00:00

Those who have congenital or genetic regional hair loss.

for healthy men in the age range of 20-75 years,

It is applied to everyone who thinks that their hair is insufficient and wants to have denser hair.


Before & After Results

8 Months Result

4500 Graft

8 Months Result

4000 Graft

12 Months Result

4200 Graft

18 Months Result

7000 Graft (2 Sessions)

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