You need to quit smoking if possible 1 week before the operation. If you can’t, you should try to reduce it. Do not forget that smoking will reduce the healing process.

You should stop drinking alcohol 1 week before the operation.

You should not consume coffee and drinks containing caffeine.

A week before hair transplantation, you should stop consuming green tea.

Chronic (diabetes, heart, blood pressure, etc.) or about the medications you are using due to acute diseases, you should inform the transplantation that will do hair transplantation.

1 Week before the operation, drugs that prevent clotting ( heparin, aspirin, coumadin, etc.) stop using medications, and multivitamins. These drugs can cause an increase in bleeding.

Stop applying medications and lotions to your scalp and hair 1 month before the operation.

Wash your hair before coming to the operation and do not use hair styling products such as gels or sprays.

Do not forget to have breakfast before coming to the hair transplantation procedure. If your operation is in the afternoon, it will be useful for you to have a light lunch before you arrive.

Please choose the type of clothes that you can wear and take off comfortably and that will not rub on your head during wearing and taking it off. When coming to the operation it will be most comfortable to wear a shirt.