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As Ilyas Arslan hair transplantation clinic, we have carried out more than 9000 hair transplantation operations with a 99% success rate for 12 years with our up-to-date technology and our expert team in the field of our activities. As Ilyas Arslan and his team, we have brought thousands of our patients to the appearance they dream of with our healthy and high-quality service understanding in this journey. Since the first day we have been in the sector, we have been following both technological and scientific developments simultaneously and we always keep our experience and knowledge up to date. Since our primary goal is the comfort and satisfaction of our guests, we are improving our team and service quality every day. 

Both the FUE Sapphire technique and DHI technique are applied in our clinic. You can contact us at any time for a free online consultation.

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7000 Grafts (2 Sessions)

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4000 Grafts

8 Months Result

4500 Grafts

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